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my new shop

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MEanCoyote? I have no idea your welding experience, but I was wondering if you are welding the ceiling onto it, and the walls? And if you are welding the ceiling, how do you make it waterproof? Just run a bead in the cracks between pieces??? Sorry for not knowing, and not knowing what you're going to do for your roof, just wondering?

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Things are going slower then I want them too. I have not had much money to put into it lately, so Im making do with stuff I can get free. Dunno what the roof is gonna be made of yet, depends on what I find laying around. I made it a octagon shape to make the best use of the 8' angle iron I used to build it. Learning alot about electrical stuff right now. The electrical is the worst part of my current shop, so I want to do this one good.
100_4398.JPG 100_4397.JPG

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Meancoyote, looks like you're making progress to me!.The last pics I saw of your new shop, you could see through the walls.....now you can't....that's progress in my book.
I like the idea of the metal construction.(my new shop is a wooden structure).
In one fell swoop, you've greatly reduced the chances of your shop burning (old wooden shops are quite vulnerable to loss by fire.

And you don't have to worry about termites and rot!

By the way, I haven't gotten any more work done on my shop, lately.
A whole bunch of other jobs have come up that must be finished first.
I've been using the break in shop construction to think about how I want the forge to be set up. There's no time lost in careful planning.

Your new shop is looking good!

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