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  1. thanks guys!! I know when somebody gives you advise or something you must be kind and somehow return the favor:cool:
  2. I have compleated my forge still, need some improvements but it is pretty good to me check it out on youtube thanks to all friends from this web site who helped me!!!! plans from: magicforge can t wait some comments on my video:p I was out of posting on IFI because of school and bad weather I was reading posts but didn t have time to answer!
  3. It is so sad :(for me to hear such things because I am 17 too so I understand what teens like us want (going out hanging around etc) please pass my pryers to her I wish her well
  4. I wish him well in heavens with his hammers and anvils...
  5. I am maybe a kid but I learned stick welding last year and it is better weld than my dad s (who is electrician occupation) so I am cook still in school but in summer work I get good sallary so I bought O/F torch still need oxygen tank I spent 1000$ (my month sallary) I think next year I will buy mig/mag for sure ;)
  6. ok so that menas if I need some sort of flame I just set it on my one?
  7. I have all the instructions on using one and understand everything but: the settings are in psi and my question is how do I set setting in Bar? and how much is it for cutting ? 2:1 in oxy? european setting are in the Bar...
  8. I found it in the ground used as a farm pole It is long 60 cm!
  9. ah, blacksmith addicts... for me that is just come by thing just like gathering anything that looks like rusty steel!!!... and I didn
  10. when I was trying to start forging my friend come to my place and took a pic of hot steel-yellow and tried to hit it on the side of the anvil the pic fly off and hit him over nose end bellow the eye I was so upset because of that so I don
  11. need rebuilding
  12. need rebuilding
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