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I Forge Iron

What can I do with 1 arm?


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Did you break your dominant wrist, "left or right handed?" If you can still draw, do fine work I'd say its a good time to build yourself a treadle hammer. A lot can be cut, laid out and welded or bolted together laying flay. Sure you'll need a hand lifting and moving some things, especially for final assembly but you can get a lot done one handed.

Bummer about the wrist, it's a rough game. Were you winning?

Frosty The Lucky.

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Good Morning,

Couch Potato? A three course meal has Meet and Vegetables too, a bonus is with Gravy. LOL

Broken wrist on your favorite side or your off-side? Right wrist, right handed?? Wrong wrist, right handed?? LOL

Sounds to me like you are going to be doing some 'Tidy-Up' for a while, then there will be some 'Fed-Up'. The Fed-Up will get you into trouble with SWAMBO!! "If you are going to just sit there, then.......................", "If you think, I am going to wait on you, you have got another think coming".  Don't wait for the boss to get "P------Off" Look at the 'Honey-Do List' and start picking some off. Probably some will involve Paint and the Brush Stroke. The Long Mower will also bee a candidate. When you get 'Fed-Up' with that, you will all of a sudden realize what you can do. You can make a Hold-Fast for your Anvil and work Wrong Handed, or One Handed. I was going to suggest 'Repousse', but that requires a second Hand or Foot.

Oh well, when life rolls you Lemons, Make Marmalade!! Bee Creative, don't park your Butt!!



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What type of activities has your doctor allowed you to do? Obviously Rugby is on hold till you heal up. You can become inventive in the forge. I knew a blacksmith that only had one arm. Due to a birth defect his left arm did not develop and he had no hand at all just an elbow and stump. He was able to do anything in the shop by modifying tools and procedures. He had one of the slickest pair of tongs, I have ever seen. It had what I would call an arm clamp that would lock onto his forearm with a ratchet affair. Kinda hard to describe but worked for him. 

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That often takes longer to heal than a broken bone. 
I did basic in my right wrist in a splint as I had broken a carpel. I also trimmed horses for two months in a cast after breaking my right thumb. I tried shoeing but driving nailed and shaping shoes hurt to dang much. 
I found that I could do about anything in the brace.

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