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First try


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Here's some of my first repousse attempts and advice is appreciated. All are out of 12 or 16 gauge copper. If anyone has any tips for brass let me know as that's the next material I wanna try








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Like copper, keep annealling brass by heating and quenching to avoid work hardening and cracking.  Also, I suggest defining the edges of the raised areas by using a stake with a slightly rounded edge so that the edges are crisper and the transition from background to raised area is more sudden.  A piece of hard wood can be used if you don't have a suitable metal stake.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Thanks for the advice on the stakes. I was just using a curved crosspien hammer if that makes sense to get at the outline but as you can see it didn't work to well. I have since made stakes and will round the edges. I also have made a larger chisel then the one I used in the bird so I'm hoping it works better. My goal is to get good enough to do a last super piece even though I'm not religious really I have always like it. I'm going to make more punches and chisels to use.  I'll post any more work I do.

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Also, I believe that you need something to back up the work that is resistant but somewhat soft.  A resin ball is common.  There was a recent IFI discussion about makining your own resin for this purpose rather than buying the commercial stuff.  I seem to recall the ingredients included pine pitch, bees wax, and brick dust.  Also, as I understand the technique you do almost all your work from the back side.


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  I'm no good at repousse, but I think those are pretty good for first attempts. I can't give you any practical advise but encourage you to develop your skill if you are of a mind to.  I would be glad to hang those on my wall.  I love to look at repousse art and hope to see more of yours someday.

  I tried a butterfly and it turned out looking like a cross between a pork chop and a toadstool... :)

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