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Swage block with step


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Hi all,

I recently came across this swage block on a market place site from around here. I've never seen a swage block with this design, and I thought why other blocks don't use the same design. I think it's pretty nice to not have to change the block's position to use the half round swages on the sides.



what do you think about this design, I'm curious if any of you guys have seen something like this before.

Unfortunately the price isn't right for me at the moment. 


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I think the idea with swage blocks that have shapes around the edge is to have as many forms in as little mass as possible on the theory that it is easier to move a smaller block around than have multiple blocks, each with different shapes.  This stepped block is certainly useful if all you are going to be using are the half round shapes but less useful if you need others.  I suspect it may have been made for a specific industrial process that just needed those shapes.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Interesting insights, 

Concerning the squares on the side, I think around here blocks often have them. 

The price at the moment is around 700 euros, not too much for a swage block, but way too much for a student to afford right now.

Very interesting swage block nonetheless.


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