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Multi tong

Ted Ewert

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I've seen various designs for tongs which will accommodate a variety of stock sizes. I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring with my own version. 

This prototype uses a piece of angel iron which clamps against a flat jaw. The angled jaw pivots and is self aligning with the stock.

This provides 3 solid points of contact with the stock, as well as preventing lateral movement. 

I was frankly surprised at how solidly it held a variety of stock, from flat bar to round and square.

It will securely hold anything that fits in the jaws. The reins expand too far for the bigger stuff to be practical, but extending the jaws out further from the pivot point would mitigate that somewhat. 

Although improvements could be made, this is a viable concept for a multi use tong.






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This jaw handles all small stock except 1/4" round. It will even grab 1 1/2" flat bar. The variety of interchangeable jaws is numerous. You could make square channel jaws for particular widths of flat stock for example. 

For an improvement, I would make the flat jaw longer. I would also make the curved jaw a bit wider and thicker. That way it could be moved further out. 

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