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New tools!

Justin Topp

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That is one sweet lathe Justin, !!  have you been using it much?

I have my eye open for an Atlas/craftsman or SB in the 9-12" range but might want to think bigger.

Limited space is my current issue and the fact that I more want than need. I have even been eyeballing those little china lathes (with great suspicion)

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I’ve been learning it! Making a few useful parts even! Here’s one thing it was great for, needed a smaller pulley for the Massey 14, for the snow blower attachment. So I used the lathe to take the hub out of a pulley and mark the pulley to drill holes. Worked great.  

(Gloves were just to pick the metal up since it was about 10°f in my shop at the time. Taken off during operation) 


I think a 9” SB lathe would be fantastic. This just was available at a better price. I’m happy I got it. They are super useful. 




I am going to practice some more and maybe buy some insert tooling, though I like using and learning hss. (The lathe is more suited for hss speeds anyways.) Then I’m going  make some pistons and cylinders to hopefully make a alpha configuration stirling engine 

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Practicing on the lathe, trying to improve surface finish. I’m using a vertical shear tool for this. I think I’m definitely getting better finishes now but still could use some work.  It’s much better in person than it looks on the photos, And feels super smooth. It’s 1018 so not exactly known to be the nicest steel to finish. 

Got some neat steel wool as a byproduct :) 





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  Swarf and chips can turn up anywere despite your best efforts.  Even in your underwear.  They are murder on hardwood floors and get snarled in carpet.  Bedding.....  :angry:  My "machine shop" was in the basement so I kept a change of every thing down there!

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