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weed cutter double blade diy homemade

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sorry for the inconvenience, I would like to make a similar tool to mow the weeds and bushes in my garden, I do not have a motor brush cutter, every time I have to borrow it. I think this rake-like tool that cuts like a razor and swings like a hoe could be useful to me, do you think it is efficient or would it be better to adopt a classic scythe? thanks, I wait for opinions and suggestions.






40″h × 14.13″w × 2.5″d

how should i build it what materials i could reuse


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I built it in the afternoon, only it came very heavy, I took a 30x30 x 2 mm box about 38 cm long, I welded teeth made with 8 mm construction iron, 13 cm long 6 pieces, welded about 5 cm l 'one from the other, in the reverse direction I welded the foil of a 4 cm wide gate spring, as a handle I put a rusty iron tube at the head, like a t-shaped razor rake. I broke it works like a hoe but it is very heavy, from the side of the blade I cut from the side of the prongs I pull the mowed grass and I make sheaves. I did something wrong I'm sure.

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about 3000 square meters let's say 5000 square meters with the neighboring land, it is aesthetically very ugly and heavy, perhaps the scythe would be more suitable.


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there are no goats, animals and sheep around, unfortunately human goats as neighbors, the motorized brush cutter is a problem, I have to lend it to myself, transport it with my small car, then the cockpit smells of petrol, while a 2p manual tool does it I hide in a hidden corner and use it when needed. .

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