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  1. better round or flat iron? I have a welding machine, I do not regulate myself in giving the right shape to the ladle, the same is used to collect the stones and accumulate them, and at a later time shovel them and maybe load them on a wheelbarrow to transport them elsewhere and set them aside. what would you suggest?
  2. hi, sorry if I disturb surfing the net I found a rake suitable for both digging stones from the ground and potatoes. I think it could come in handy, but the cost would be a bit high. could you kindly suggest me and help me to make a similar one perhaps more effective using maybe pieces of round iron or other materials suitable for the realization of the artifact, the tool looks like a kitchen spaghetti ladle. let me know, thanks. [Commercial link removed] Any gardener who is plagued with stones, large or small, will appreciate this rake. In designing it, we spent a lot of time getting the right tine shape and spacing so that rocks as small as 3/4" diameter could be removed from the soil without taking a lot of dirt as well. In well-tilled soil, it is an easy matter to clear the top 2" or 3" completely of stones. Once you have raked together a pile of stones, you can scoop them up in the basket-shaped head. No more stooping to pick them up or trying to rake them onto a spade. The rock rake picks them up for transfer to a wheelbarrow or bucket, or even for surreptitious dropping over a fence. It can also be used to catapult the stones some distance. The whole tool is light (the head weighs only 3/4 lb) and has hardened steel tines that flex without deforming. 65" overall, with a 6" wide basket. In our tests, we found it to be an outstanding invention, removing all rocks from 3/4" to 4" in diameter, leaving a smooth stone-free soil. Also ideal for harvesting potatoes.
  3. thanks for the clarification was what I understood thanks again, it would be the directional handlebar to pull and push the cart, thanks. https://www.askix.com/plataforma-de-madera-ciclo-cam-carretilla-repurposed-bricolaje-movil-plataforma-carro.html
  4. . all clear, right suggestions, do you want to add a rudder? cart type ??? . I remove the lower part which is used to insert the forklift forks, I lower the pallet platform and fix the wheels on it to lower the center of gravity and have greater stability and trim. did I get it right?'
  5. hi susatemi if I disturb, with these trivial questions, I would like to make a sturdy trolley to move junk accumulated in the courtyard, I thought of using a pallet as a platform and attaching wheels to it. I am afraid that during the translation push phase they could come off, causing the material to ruin on the ground. as you advise me to make it, maybe I make an L-shaped iron frame I fix the wheels below and above it I interlock the pallet type frame. I would not want to spend a lot I would like to use waste material thanks. sorry for the trivial question. Dolly Metálico Para Palets de 1200x800 Color Rojo Con Ruedas con Freno (Cap, Carga 800 kgs) Longitud - 1200 mm Anchura - 800 mm Altura - 305 mm Carga - 800 kg Peso neto - 24 kg Tipo de ruedas - 2 fijos 2 con pivotes giratorios con frenos Diámetro de los ruedas (mm) - 200 Color Rojo. Marca: KONGAMEK
  6. but I was a metalworker, I manage to weld, instead of building the trusses in the workshop or construction site and putting them in place on site, I would like to bring the bars on site and segment them and put them in place as I proceed with the work. were you referring to the master plan at the technical office I think?
  7. the shed I would like to make it with a pitch as in the side sketch, climb the beams, cut them, weld them and put them in place and move forward, the truck would cost about 800 € uro per day. the reticular structure, if I make a pitch I could make inclined portals and above it fix the beams on which to screw the roof panels, momentarily I would like to make only the roof without lateral infill. ps DennisCA you could be kind enough to attach some photos and explain to me how you did the job, thank you excuse me if I'm picky and boring, thanks again.
  8. hello, sorry for the unusual and odd question, I should close a terrace a flat concrete floor, to eliminate water infiltration when it rains, to overcome this inconvenience we had thought of installing a metal roof, or pillars in the H beam and metal trusses. the truss would have a span of 14 meters, the surface to be covered is about 240 square meters, the attic is on the second floor at about 12 meters above the street level. for logistical reasons, we would like to avoid using a truck crane or forklift, I was wondering, is there a self-erecting solution such as stage for concerts or circus structures, with structure pulleys, winches and hoists, a do-it-yourself solution using waste material, such as scaffolding reinforced similar, thanks to those who want to provide more information. thanks for your kind attention.
  9. there are no goats, animals and sheep around, unfortunately human goats as neighbors, the motorized brush cutter is a problem, I have to lend it to myself, transport it with my small car, then the cockpit smells of petrol, while a 2p manual tool does it I hide in a hidden corner and use it when needed. .
  10. I built it in the afternoon, only it came very heavy, I took a 30x30 x 2 mm box about 38 cm long, I welded teeth made with 8 mm construction iron, 13 cm long 6 pieces, welded about 5 cm l 'one from the other, in the reverse direction I welded the foil of a 4 cm wide gate spring, as a handle I put a rusty iron tube at the head, like a t-shaped razor rake. I broke it works like a hoe but it is very heavy, from the side of the blade I cut from the side of the prongs I pull the mowed grass and I make sheaves. I did something wrong I'm sure. about 3000 square meters let's say 5000 square meters with the neighboring land, it is aesthetically very ugly and heavy, perhaps the scythe would be more suitable.
  11. sorry for the inconvenience, I would like to make a similar tool to mow the weeds and bushes in my garden, I do not have a motor brush cutter, every time I have to borrow it. I think this rake-like tool that cuts like a razor and swings like a hoe could be useful to me, do you think it is efficient or would it be better to adopt a classic scythe? thanks, I wait for opinions and suggestions. DIMENSIONS 40″h × 14.13″w × 2.5″d how should i build it what materials i could reuse
  12. [Commercial link removed] I should first remove the stones and the roots and dig up everything, otherwise with this tool if I leverage and buried there is a big stone risk of breaking the tool, wasting time and effort and giving me the hernia due to fatigue, I should proportion it to my weight and to my body, at the height and age, 180 centimeters by ninety kilograms, anyway thanks for the advice, as I progress with the reclamation, I understand I hope the right strategy to be adopted thanks.
  13. it is not flat it is in the hills in ancient times it was a terraced terraced vineyard, my uncle had it filled with waste earth to make a square and build a shed, then nothing has been done for decades it has been uncultivated, now passing time I'm cleaning it with farmer's hand tools, but it's a hard job, a sprout of ailanthus has turned the ground into a small jungle, first I cut the plants now I'm undermining the roots with a pickaxe and an iron pipe that I use as a lever if I do not transfer everything will turn into a wild jungle and you will not be able to enter even with excavators and mechanical shovels. sweating blood elbow grease fatigue and a bad back that I don't tell you, in the evening I am physically destroyed but gym. https://www.metric-conversions.org/it/area/acri-a-metri-quadrati.htm 2000mq = 2187.2yd
  14. I have plant residues, the resulting material, I don't know if it is adequate and suitable for the purpose, what tool I should make, you would have some images with photos, not a machine but a tool that I can simply make at home with a few recycled tools and objects. thank you.
  15. the land has been abandoned for some time about 1000 square meters, I am cleaning it up and tilling it little by little with a hoe and pickaxe a hard job, it would take a mechanical shovel, but unfortunately I am short of cash at the moment, I have to create a small vegetable garden for the home economics, with the little that I can scrape together, bad times in my part, between crisis and virus, let's hope it ends well.
  16. hello, I should make a simple potato digger tool, as I conceive and make it to be efficient, robust and effective, what material I use, what size, I think it is a big pitchfork or a big rake. let me know, thanks.
  17. help construction design realization gin pole: hello we will have to build a gin pole hoist to be installed as a foruna crane on the flatbed of a truck, to transform it when needed into a makeshift crane to be used on the farm, some ideas some constructive suggestions, we will have to make the support supports to hinge the arms to the platform and the tie rods to support the same to the body any ideas? http://img.iweku.com/upload/f/c0/fc021be8352c50cc07021d6ed452bac8_thumb.jpg http://img.iweku.com/upload/e/a9/ea988e6cb1cb3fefbf966a359b64593a_thumb.jpghttp://img.iweku.com/upload/3/5c/35c28a4fa27f80c20a1906c35312ccaa_thumb.jpg Autocarro Medio Fiat 80 CARATTERISTICHE E PRESTAZIONI PRINCIPALI Cilindrata: 5499cm3 N. cilindri: 6 Potenza: kW:117,8; CV: 160 a 3200 giri/min Coppia: Nm: 392; kgm: 40 a 2000 giri/min N. Marce: 5 Riduttore: si Trazione: integrale Velocità max: 93 km/h Carburante : gasolio Autonomia: 500 km Capacità serbatoio: 145 litri Dimensioni: Lunghezza: 6413mm Larghezza: 2295 mm Altezza: 3085mm Peso: 5930 kg Portata: 4000 kg Peso rimorchiabile: 6400 kg N. batterie: 2 Tensione: 24 V N. posti: cabina: 2; cassone: 18 Dimensione cassone: Lunghezza: 4255mm Larghezza: 2200mm Altezza: 500mm
  18. it does not have to lift tons when you need 300 500 kg maximum at low heights the convenience of a small lifting crane a small courtesy forklift. not big and heavy weight lifting. http://gardentractortalk.com/forums/topic/58611-front-end-loader-jib-boom/ https://www.qualityweldingservice.com/qm22/index.php/extenda-boom.html https://www.qualityweldingservice.com/qm22/pub/media/catalog/product/cache/c9e0b0ef589f3508e5ba515cde53c5ff/b/o/boom-extenda-20ft-horiz-reach_1.jpg https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWNzqWSlNNLoE2OkzfqIzgNCpJC4nVGhrMJw&usqp=CAU
  19. hello, sorry if I disturb, I should make a boom pole for a small tracked power shovel it is a fiat allis fl 5 weighing 8 tons, 90 horsepower engine 3.97 meters height of the bucket discharge pin bucket capacity 1 cubic meter, keep in mind that a meter of gravel weighs about 1.5, 1, 8 tons as weight. how should I conceive it, what material I use, how to attach it to the bucket, how much can protrude from the bucket to prevent the machine from overturning, for the stability of the center of gravity of the mechanical shovel, how to reinforce the bucket the fiat fl5 is the same in size, weight and power as the caterpillar 931. thanks sorry if I disturb you. the boom will serve when it is necessary to load and lift loads as needed.
  20. thanks again for your kindness and availability, you are priceless, especially in this period of crisis and covid, useful advice and very precious suggestions in my opinion thank you.
  21. thank you again for the valuable advice, very useful and invaluable for amateurs in disarray like me, unfortunately I am still a rookie to train, I envy you and admire you veterans at the same time, thanks again, sorry if I disturbed you thanks again.
  22. BUSTER PALLET Buster BREAKER1 Breaker Pallet?? thank you for everything, I will search my warehouse to find suitable materials, thank you and sorry again
  23. hello, a carpenter friend of mine would like me to build him a tool to disassemble the wooden pallets and recycle the planks, how should I conceive it, on the net I saw some user friends who made like a metal fork a big iron fork to unpin the planks , how to make it functional. thanks I wait for advice
  24. sorry guys, i would like to make a babell swiss bar multi grip. could you help me, what material do I use, how do I fix the various pieces to compose the frame, do I make an assembly jig with reference points? thanks. I only have the welder and a small angle grinder as a tool at my disposal. thanks
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