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Help - 400 Pound Anvil Identification

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Welcome aboard... Might I make a suggestion about editing your post and resizing the pictures. We have members world wide and a lot of them have to rely on dial up internet or pay extra for data. The anvil looks like it's cast iron with a steel face plate forge welded on. It would help to know where in the world you are located too.

Have you done a rebound & ring test?

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Looks like cast iron. What does the rebound rest show? 

Maybe the biggest cast iron anvil shaped object I've ever seen unless it is cast steel. The shape doesn't give me hope for you that it is cast steel and not cast iron. 

It might be ok if it does have a steel faceplate but it looks more like a fully cast anvil to me.

Rebound test will show if it is a good usable anvil or an ASO.

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As you bought it in Chine it's almost certainly cast iron. As you bought it in Russia it may be cast steel.  This is a forum on the WORLD WIDE WEB; please list the general location!   (If you buy a used car in Russia it's more likely to be a Lada and not a Ford and vice versa if you buy one in the USA.)

The ball bearing test will give what you need to know if it's an anvil or an ASO.  However ones with the projecting face are generally ASOs with a "fake" face plate.  A ring test would also tell someone who is experienced; but I've had new folks tell me their ASO "rings" when to my ear it doesn't.

If it is grey cast iron and not malleable cast iron it isn't designed for blacksmithing work. I hope you didn't over pay; here in the USA I wouldn't go a dollar a pound for a grey cast iron ASO.

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