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The type of burner you build makes a difference in what is needed.  So this question is: "I'm buying a vehicle; do I put gasoline or diesel in it?"  How would you answer that?

I'd strongly suggest building a Frosty T burner as it's a proven design and is supported here by the Designer, Frosty, and the many people who have built them.  (Note: following a known good plan EXACTLY makes a huge difference!)

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I saw a Youtube on using a turkey cooker burner where he cut off the burner end and jam fit a bell on that cut end with good results. He suggested adding a little more pipe as the ending result was a little short.  He apparently was using it for smelting ore but stated it would work good in a forge.

Kris DeVo was his name.

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YouTube is full of stuff that people slap on there because they have a camera and time. Often they say "how to" or something. Doesnt make it good or right or even not potentially lethal (deadly). 

Why not go with a proven easy design that has been peer tested by probably thousands of people? 

Let me guess,they lined their forge with plaster of Paris or uncoated kaowool? 

Please read through the "read this first" post on iforgeiron. Then go to the gas forge section and start reading. The Frosty T burner is a pinned post I believe so should be EASY to find. 

There is a lot of good and garbage on Yt. This is not intended in a mean way, but you don't seem to know enough to determine what is a good design or not. Trust something proven. Unless you buy an actual good forge burner from someone that has experience and a proven design, those off the shelf,simply modified burners just don't really work and can be dangerous. 

Best to follow a proven design exactly and be able to get real help from the designer if you end up needing it. 

Otherwise, why are you asking here and not asking the designer of That particular burner? 



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Please do NOT follow a T burner build as seen on YT, most are bad. Calling it a Frosty T doesn't make it one.

Please remember, if you ask my help and start telling me about YT builds I WILL leave you on your own. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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