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Can't help you on age  but $US 45 for a complete post vise is a good deal.  Put your general location in your profile and we can give you better answers.  What is a good deal in the USA may not be in Bosnia, Sweden, Australia, or South Africa.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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This reply was posted by Frank Turley in 2010 and it pretty much hits the high points. As George said a complete vice, with a good condition screw is a nice deal at $45,

Frank Turley

The Iron City Tool Works of Pittsburgh made leg vises and other tools, and the company was acquired by Warren Tool Corporation of Warren, Ohio, in 1958. For a while, they continued to use the Iron City logo which was IRON CITY stamped inside of a six pointed star. Warren Tool also made blacksmiths' hand tools stamped QUIKWERK.
Reference: "Directory of American Toolmakers" ed. Robert E. Nelson, Early American Industries Association, 1999.

You can seldom make out a Peter Wright stamp because it is in small stamped letters on top of the screw box. It says P. WRIGHT; PATENT; SOLID BOX. It most often gets obliterated with use and rust.

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$45 in Canadian dollars or Australian dollars that is still a good deal for an 80# postvise these days.  I'd have to see a close up on the screw thread to really tell how good a deal---I consider 80% of a post vise "worth" is based on the screw/screwbox.  That is why when I recently sold one missing those I put the price on it as 20% what I would have sold a complete one for.  I know a lot of folks in New Mexico who would double your money without blinking an eye.

(The 80 is the weight in pounds as they were often sold that way.)

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I enlarged the picture of the screw and to me it looks to be in pristine condition. So I would say $45 U.S. is not a good deal but a genuine steal. Only thing to do is work hot steel with it, ya lucky dog.:) The one in your avatar agrees from the grin on his/her face.

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