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Mayes Forges - still produced?


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Hi all,

I've been looking back through this forum to read other folks advice on UK-based gas forges available to buy, but seen nothing about Mayes Forges. I remember using one at the college I studied at a few years ago (mostly used a coke forge mind, but I think I'll struggle to install a hood in my garage).

Now I'm in a position to buy some equipment I was curious whether these are still available to buy? Most I can find is some posts from the Concave Horseshoe Company but these are dated 2014.

Hoping the hive mind can help me out here! I understand Swans seem to be the gold standard in the UK, but they're pretty beasty on the budget. 

A part of me also wonders whether a Swan would be a bit lux since I'm only just establishing myself as a maker? You learn more by doing and making from scratch, but the thought of paying out for materials and time of making something that would function at a sub-standard level, even if the learning opportunities are greater, is making me swivel. 

I'm curious to hear anyone else's musings on my ramblings. Something to settle my mind here!

Thanks all, Beth.

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Welcome aboard Beth, glad to have you. We don't have enough ladysmiths posting, I hope you won't be a stranger here. We LOVE pics: equipment, tools, shop, projects, pets, kids, well whatever you'd show young children you didn't want to explain adult things to.

I had to do a web search to get an idea what a Swan Forge looks like, I've spent some time looking at the tech drawing of the Cygnet. I can't render an honest opinion never having used one but the drawing looks like a sound piece of equipment. 

Questions I'd have were I in the market are: 1, What's the expected life of the liner refractories, especially the floor tiles. 2. How involved is replacing the liner and what are the costs. 

A number of my questions were addressed in the specification sheet I THINK. I speak American so British English uses terms and such I'm not familiar with. Clarifications are no big deal I just need to talk to a human. 

Being experienced I expect you already know how much room you need in a forge so I won't make my usual suggestion. 

My only maybe advice is. It's hard to buy too good tools or equipment, especially if you're using them professionally. 

Please let us know what you decide and your evaluation after using it for a while. We can have a first hand evaluation next time the question comes up.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi guys, thank you all for your replies! You've given my thoughts some direction, especially on the quality of equipment. I'm leaning towards making the investment in a Swan though it might be on hold until our Covid restrictions are eased at least. Something to work towards.

Frosty - thanks for your pointers and friendly words, made me smile. I'll be sure to feedback my thoughts in the forum when the day comes!

Irondragon - I'll have another trawl through the site, see if I can find anything, I'd be very interested in this guy's chat! If the memory pops up please fire it my way.

Hope you're all keeping warm and busy.

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Mr. Dragon,

I think the British gas forge maker smith is "Iron Dwarf". He did mention, in one of his posts, that he was making them for fellows in southern England.

I have not seen any recent posts from him in about two years. (I,  also,  vaguely remember that he may have changed his forum name in the last few years (4)?

I miss the chap.

Hope that helps,


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