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2x72 number of receiver slots/bays


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Good Morning,

The mind is the limiting factor of what you can do with a 2x72 Belt grinder. Vertical, horizontal, any angle, upside down, sliding section, radius control, you decide! You figure out what you want to do for a result and work backwards to find what/how is the best way to achieve the result. Think Simple!! Sometimes hold your work in/with a wooden stick (it saves your finger tips). If the swarf goes down, put a bucket with water in it below. If the swarf goes toward you, you catch on fire!! Never grind Aluminum and steel with the same belt (what is thermite?).


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12 hours ago, Frosty said:

Slot bays?

The tubes were the attachments are positioned. Reeder calls them bays and does one with 3 bays. Wilmont has their Quattro with 4 arm setup. 

Can someone give an example where more than two of them are needed?

I'm new to 2x72 belt grinders and don't have experience working with them. I know that this are very versatile tools and this is a reason I will build one for myself. So thanks for your tips.

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Where you have more than 2 tool arms needing a place to live

I dont waste time retooling the arms, I have them mounted and I change out the arm as one assembly/  Its faster switching back and forth that way

I am set up with arms for the 10 inch contact, 3 inch contact and slack belt combo arm, small wheel arm, 44 radius platten.  That's 4 arms currently and since only one can be used at a time I have to put the other three arms somewhere when they are not being used.  If this doesn't make sense to you, then I am not sure I understand your question

Mine mount on the wall of my shop when not being used, not the grinder

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Hi Steve,

your answer make sense but my question was something else.

The Wilmont Quattro Grinder has 4 slots (where the tooling arms are pushed into) over each other. The Reeder ultimate grinder has 3 slots.

So why 3 or 4 of them stacked? Just want to understand the design. They won't make this design without a good reason.

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More receiver 'slots' / 'bays' - whatever just gives you more options on where you can align the various attachments, contact wheels, etc. You might have one that contacts the belt with a smaller wheel and needs to be in the top receiver 'bay', while another with a platen or large wheel pushes out more belt and so has to sit lower, etc. Each manufacturer has a different setup - most common has two, I think -- not sure, as I'm also pretty new to them, but that's the general idea.

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How's your 2x72 build coming? I looked at that Wilmont Quattro grinder -- I can't see any reason for more than two tooling arm 'sleeves' / 'bays' other than just giving the user additional height options for whatever tooling setup they're using. You can't use more than one of them at a time, so like if you had the flat platen on and had something long you wanted to grind across the length of the platen, you could put the tool rest arm in the lower slot to have more platen exposed to grind against. An adjustable tool rest (which they also show) accomplishes the same thing, so not sure it's necessary. Maybe if you have several different people of different heights -- the lower ones for the shorter folks, the higher ones for the taller folks...? If it's just you and/or people your height, two is plenty. You could also make the stand or table height adjustable, if that really mattered -- which it probably doesn't so much. Build it to fit you. 

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