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Reverse twist fire poker


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Had a commission for a firepoker with a wooden handle. Did the forge welded turkey footed style with some reverse twists patterns in it. The copper on the handle was melted down in a crucible in the gas forge and poured into a flat mold, then drifted square to the size of the "tang" for the handle, then textured with a ball peen before assembly. This was a fun one. Leather spacer between the copper and purple heart to fill the void. 

firepoker handle 2.jpg

firepoker handle 3.jpg

Reverse Twist.jpeg

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I've done very well with fire pokers this past fall and into the winter. I think it has to do a lot with COVID and people are spending more time time relaxing at home and want to do it with style. I'm going to have to try one with a wood handle. How did you fix the handle? Is it glue only or is there a pin that we don't see? 

Here is what I have been making with variations on the handle and twists, and sometimes if I have the time for it I cut Rubik's twists.

I see you are in Lincolnton. I'm located in Weaverville.





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6 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

How about a back curve near the top to make the apex of the hanging loop in line with the shaft?

I'll definitely do that and with the next batch I make.

At first for the forge weld at the poker end I was folding over the end, welding, and then splitting. But that made it too time consuming and difficult to position on the horn to get a nice consistent poker end. Now I just forge a taper, make a scarf, tack weld it with electricity, and then put it in the coal for the forge weld.  I've sold and given away about 20 or 25 of these since the fall.

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