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Super Budget Belt Grinder


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Very generally speaking, the finer the grit, the slower the belt. Fast speeds are great when you're hogging off a lot of metal with a coarse grit, but slowing the grinder down when you're finishing with a fine grit reduces the risk of heat building up from the friction to the point that it ruins the temper.

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I've been making knives for around ten years now.  My first belt grinder was the HF 4x36 modified with a HF 1hp  motor.  It's a belt driven sanded so the mod was simple.  That thing didn't throw a single spark until I put the one horse on it.  I've had the 1x30 as well it's worthless for anything but scales.  My advice is to build your own 2x72 out of an old weight bench and running machine engine.  Mine is made from square tubing and a running machine.  I used longboard wheels for the platen and idler and a piece of pipe for the drive wheel.  The building process will help get you familiar with all your tools so by the time your making a forge burner you won't be so green and might just keep all ten fingers and your eyebrows as well.  Just remember the more time you put into a project the more satisfying it is to finish. I hope you keep at it.  I'll post pics of my grinder in case you want to build one.  It cost me around 100 bucks including 3 ceramic belts.

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