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American Flag scales


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Yeah fair enough null.  ThomasPowers: it's all good information to me I am about to go to Tennessee in a month and get my American passport and SSN through my dad to escape Canada so I want to soak up as much as I can. I appreciate and respect all the viewpoints here on the issue. God Bless America and the Stars and Stripes! American is a fantastic dream to me you guys get to live it.

I certainly wasn't expecting to learn as much as I have from the question I posted haha

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I disagree, and agree at the same time... on a couple points.

I disagree that it's a fantastic dream. It is entirely a possibility, and it sounds like you may be on your way to it. This country is founded by, built on, and fought for and protected by immigrants. My grandfather (dads side) was English/Irish, and married a half cherokee Indian. You don't have to be from here- to love being here.

One of my closest friends for years- was from Ecuador?. He joined the US Army, speaking no english at all. He learned rudimentary English in a three week crash course to attend basic. He served with me in iraq to come home to get his citizenship. He is all American to me.

I agree/disagree on the flag use.

As I said... I too am a vet, us army. Many of my family served as well. The only clothing I have that has a flag on it- is a us veteran hoodie that has the full flag backwards on the sleeve. Just as I wore on my uniform.

I as well- personally won't wear flag clothing in general... for the reasons george described.

I too dislike the flag use as a decoration. But, I have a different view of it. All those that died serving under it- did so to protect the freedom of those that choose to do. (Wear and use it) So I honor their sacrifice by allowing it, by fighting for that freedom to continue, to be expressed... no matter how much I disdain the practice.

Having said all that.... i love your work. It looks like an awesome blade, and I think the full flag would have looked better- but I get why you did what you did. My question- is how did you do it? I'm guessing etched, or was it engraved? Either way, its cleanly done and easily recognizable- which is the goal of any piece of art. Add to that- that its a bowie-style profile, and i see it as fitting.


Job well done.

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Our flag means different things to different people and that's part of what it means. It symbolizes the right to: salute, burn, spit or whatever, same for the anthem. I stand for the anthem and the flag. I don't salute, I didn't serve in the military I don't feel I have that right, I hold my right hand over my heart. 

I don't tell or even ask others to join me and I try not to hold it against them.  It's their right guaranteed by what the flag and anthem represent. They don't guarantee: success, happiness or leadership you'll like, just an even chance and voice. 

It's far from perfect but it's mine and as far as I've seen the best current system. I hope it never comes to it but I have a pitchfork and know how to make a torch.

Frosty The Lucky.

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