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  1. Oh man that's awesome work, love that handle
  2. This forum is awesome. I heard there are some pretty good books about Bowie, gonna have to do me some learnin. Where are you at in BC? M.J.Lampert there are metal supermarkets in a couple places I see they sell brass rod pretty cheap too that's where I get mine in Edmonton
  3. What's a sandbar? Look forward to seeing some pics! Just finished my firat bowie style knife myself
  4. Welshj Hey thank you for the feedback and perspective! It is etched and quite deeply and then power polished (my trade for the last 20 years before I started doing this)
  5. Yeah fair enough null. ThomasPowers: it's all good information to me I am about to go to Tennessee in a month and get my American passport and SSN through my dad to escape Canada so I want to soak up as much as I can. I appreciate and respect all the viewpoints here on the issue. God Bless America and the Stars and Stripes! American is a fantastic dream to me you guys get to live it. I certainly wasn't expecting to learn as much as I have from the question I posted haha
  6. My dad was drafted served in the road runners. Unfortunately I was born and raised in Canada after he left the military. Again no disrespect ment at all and will certainly consider all this next time I am asked for such a thing. I'm super proud that my father is American and served in the military even of he was only stationed in Germany. The American who asked for this also lives in Canada and uses his radio show to push for Alberta to become the 51st State. I don't believe for a second that he would intend to be disrespectful either.
  7. Fair enough. Thanks for the input guys. Customer was super happy with it so I'll go with that. Certainly no disrespect for the flag ment from me on my end of the transaction.
  8. It's cut off so I could make it larger on the blade. The flag it's printed from was correct. Is that bad?
  9. Thank you for all the great responses advice and information!!! I decided to put the flag on the blade in the end, what you guys think? I know it's not perfect but I'm fairly new at this..
  10. Haha it's fair man you see all those handles already made with them and it seems obvious at first glance but there is nothing! Really strange to me that no on is making those. I mean American patriotism + knives just seems like a given but no where to be found. I tried making one with a small flag and 2 part epoxy but after several very lame looking attempts had to stop as I need to get the project done and every attempt requires the wait time of the resin setting. Not going to give up on the idea but won't have anything ready for this in* a reasonable time. If you guys see anything let me know please! Still kinda shocked this isn't a thing.
  11. Thanks Latticino yeah I checked them out and can't find any of those anywhere and the company Mental Co doesn't make them anymore it seems. Or reply to their emails. Glenn, indeed 27.1 million results but I couldn't find any selling American Flag scales. If only I was making the handle out of search results!! But seriously I've searched quite a bit and found nothing. Frankly I'm shocked if no one makes American Flag knife scales for retail. You'd think that would be an obvious seller to American knife makers or maybe it's too cliche? Or is it maybe considered disrespectful to the flag? Maybe my search results are throttles because I'm in Canada? Conclusion, customer is getting is getting a wood handle.
  12. Anyone know where I can get American Flag scales? Having difficulty finding a supplier and have a customer wanting a bowie with American Flag handle. Carvex or resin or micarta or anything! Thanks!
  13. Awesome man I will do some practicing then! Oh and I am in Alberta Canada, found a supplier couple hours drive away that has all those so I should be good to get going after some practice! And thank you!!!! Was nervous putting up a picture of those haha The smaller blade is a cheat lol. My cousin has a laser etching business and wanted to do something on my first blade for me. I picked out some Google images and used a rune translation app for the runes. Second blade we used the battery charger, q-tip and salt water trick. Cut the pattern out of vinyl with a Cricut
  14. I am new to it all, I have only made two knives. These are my first two the small seax looking blade is from leaf spring and the second is from a rail spike. Thank you so much for all the tips and info definitely made the right choice joining a forum at least haha!
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