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I recommend making "dumbbell / barbell barbell bench homemade


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I recommend making "dumbbell / barbell barbell bench homemade:

hello if it were possible I would like to make gym weights by recycling objects, spending little money, some creative ideas beyond sand, stones and containers of water or concrete? thanks waiting for suggestions.

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Seats on each end of the bar with pretty young ladies sitting on them? 

Or, a solid rod on each end of the bar going down to a platform or basket you can load with weight as you like. Put a bathroom scale under each one and you can track exactly what you're lifting.

Frosty The Lucky.

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When I deployed to Iraq the first tour, there was little to nothing in the way of amenities... we made our own outhouses, beds, chairs, etc... out of anything we could find.

We made bench press weights with a couple of old, smaller iraq truck inner axles welded in the middle, with the rims and tires bolted on. Cut a hole in the tires, filled with rocks and sand... taped hole back shut.

Worked out for us. (Ugh... puns)

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thanks it's not bad the coronavirus is slowing us down we advance at a snail's pace.


desperate times call for desperate measures. need sharpen ingenuity, big fine brain shoe, I would like to use old gears engine flywheels and as barbell bars metal pipes or steel saali recovered in workshops and scrap shops, thanks anyway. I'm preparing for the new quarantine. our politicians in order not to alarm us say things with the drop counter. Thanks again

Various sizes of weight can be seen on a rack behind a larger weight on a bench



The gym first appeared in Moscow's Timiryazevsky Park in 2012 and has been added to ever since

makeshift gym from car parts



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Things are slowed to a crawl here too. It's an election year too as if the pandemic wasn't bad enough. I should figure out a way to do some PT, it'd be better than letting politicians get under my skin.

Keep in touch Angiolino. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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The heavy parts of a vehicle should work.  Flywheels, large brake drums, etc.Slater's True logs | Rogue Fitness

Look into the caber toss from the Highland games.

Find a fellow with a bunch of rocks (or gravel in buckets) that he wants to move to another location.  Not heavy lifting, but it is the trips that count. Build a harness and tow a rock sled.

Strongman Training for the Average Joe | RECOIL


Cut the log into 16 inch round sections, split with a 10 pound maul, stack the splits 4 ft x 4 ft x 8 ft ( a cord or 128 cubic feet) and a cord of firewood weighs (hardwood) over 4000 pounds.  Be the time you have the cord  cut, split, and stacked, you will have lifted the weight several times.  Then you will lift it again to carry it to the house, and again to put it in the stove.  The fire will keep you warm for winter.

Firewood Facts

  No use wasting the effort in a gym.  Get creative, go outside so you can enjoy working while you breathe fresh air.

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