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New Tongs for Holding Punches, Chisels, etc.


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I seemed to have missed this topic. Great idea John. I've been wanting some punch tongs and tools for them for a while so I can get my hand farther away from the hot stock. I don't like wearing a glove so I thought they would be a good alternative.  I really like the cam idea. I haven't tried making any because of the problem with variation in sizes of the tools and jaws as you pointed out. You've found a pretty elegant solution. Kudos. 


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That is a very interesting thought. Before I do that, however, I want to see if adjustments to the jaws and the reins will eliminate the problem. I just need to get another cylinder of oxygen for the oxypropane torch first.

I like your thinking, though.

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Overdue update:

On 10/12/2020 at 2:08 PM, JHCC said:

It occurs to me that these might be good for upsetting under the treadle hammer, for holding workpieces that are on the short side. Hmmm....

This turned out to be quite true, and reason enough to leave these tongs as-is. Another pair for smaller tools is on the project list.

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