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help with the math please.


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I know there is a formula for this.  and if someone could please give me the formula I would greatly appreciate it.  I am making a new forge it will use 1" NA burners.  What size oriface do I need to drill for them to take 600 cubic inches to forge welding temp (under the assumption the forge is properly built and insulated).  Thank You.

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I put a 0.045 mig contact tip in a 1" T burner but I don't know what size hole to drill. I haven't drilled a gas jet in I don't remember how long. I determined mig tip size through trial and error. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I don't think there is a formula, at least I've never seen one. Like Frosty, I started with an orifice size of .0625  which was way too large. I then changed to an orifice size .025 which was too small. Then started drilling the orifice out one drill bit size at a time until settling on .036 which is perfect for our burner in our forge.

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