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Split Nut Workholding

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I have a six foot length of 3/4-10 threaded rod.  Dad had it driven into the ground at the Old Place, to stake a tree.

As I often clamp bolts in the "vise", I usually double-nut the bolt, and clamp on the nuts, to protect the thread,  and to increase grip force.

This rod is in need of Restoration:


Just try running a nut three feet down that.  Hence, the Split nut, to hold the rod securely, especially in a leg vise, whilst I treat it with 40% ascetic acid (strong vinegar), followed by a massive cup wheel.


Works so well, I am sure that I will be using these for other work - think straightening threads on the press.......

Robert Taylor

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Yes, IDF&C, this particularly rusty thread would take the bite right out of the only 3/4 - 10 die I own.

I once made one of these with a hinge - hint: takes two nuts, or a competent weldor to build from a single nut...  

Robert Taylor

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I am a fan of wood, copper, and aluminium jaw covers, methinks I will make redundant sets of heavy copper covers, that I will not mind thrashing.....

I must say though, that these split nuts have been a lot of fun to use, and were well worth my time to make.

Robert Taylor

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