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Multibar kitchen knife


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Latest work. Still need to elecrto-etch mark.  26? Layer, 5 bar alternating twist about 10 twists each, some more, some less. Wanted to see how different twist counts played out. 

Stabilized (cactus juice) and dyed birdseye maple handle with brass spacer.

1084 and 15n20. 

9 inch blade measured as straight line from heel to tip  

14.25 overall length

8.2 oz weight.  


huh it wont let me upload pictures, gives me an error... I put em on imgur... will try again in a reply I guess

The images are 37 inches x 37 inches and 21 megs in size. The reworked images are less than 50 kB in size.






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Very nice.  I am curious how thick are the bars you are forge welding together?   I have been messing around with this technique and any thinner than a scant 1/2 inch is hard to weld.  I end up grinding off a lot because if I try to forge thin welds start cutting loose.  Love to hear about your technique and observations.  



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They were about 5/8” square-ish.. and about 5” long. 5 total bars. Mig welded the ends with a handle. At Welding heats forged down to anout 1.75 inches tall. 


Generally 5-6 light taps (88# anyang) compressing the stack then one hit on each side to keep it flat.

Forged it to about 1/4 inch wide and generally to length/shape.  1/2 way forged bevels until edge was a bit over 1/8” width. Ground until edge was a touch over 1/16” then did full heat treat. 

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