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Mounting anvil

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I just purchased my first real anvil.  I built a wood stand.  But there is the slightest wobble between the stand and the anvil.

1 I could sand the top of the stand to try for a better fit but it would be hard.

2. I could put caulk between the stand and anvil.

3.  I could cut a piece of plywood to put between the anvil and stand.

I am planning on securing the anvil with angle iron clamps.

Any advice?




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Welcome aboard Kurt, have you read this yet?  READ THIS FIRST   It will help you get the best out of the forum with tips like editing your profile to show your location as so many answers depend upon where in the world you are located and many others.

BTW: Nice looking anvil, it should serve well for many generations.

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Is the wobble between the anvil and the stump or the stump and the floor or both?

My suggestion would be to shim it first, and glue the shim(s) in place.  Secure the anvil to the stump as you see fit.  If you choose to caulk it, it will sit solid on the stump and the caulk will not have a chance to squeeze out or squeeze to an unlevel position as it sets up.

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Set your anvil into your wood stand. Do it deep enough to put an inch or so of sand in the cutout and have about half or so of the base inset. It makes it easy to level and helps to deaden the ring.


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