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Forging a drawknife

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 I'm in dire need of a drawknife, and have a rear spring from a Model A Ford. So, I fire up the forge and cut off a short piece of it. I got it forged out and shaped, filed an edge on it, and now needs heat treat and handles.  I gave it a test drive in it's "as forged" condition, it works pretty well. Can only get better once heat treated and honed to a scalpel sharpness. ;)

IMG_20200427_192821034_HDR (Copy).jpg

IMG_20200502_183823297 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20200502_184105673 (Copy).jpg

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Looks good to me.  Making a draw knife was on my list of things I've wanted to do WAY before I even thought about blacksmithing.  Too many irons in too many fires, but it's still on my list.

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Nice job on the draw knife, bluerooster.  The Ford Model A spring is a rather unique source for your steel.  Not many of those around these days!

Ironically, I just finished this small draw knife yesterday.  All my other draw knives have an 8" cutting edge, but I needed one for smaller work; easier to control.  Made from an old file, cutting edge is 4" long.  Sharpened wonderfully, cuts like a dream.


Draw knife 01.JPG

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