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Fire brick or other top for forge cart?


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Not really a “forge” question but it’s forge related:

I want to put my forge on a rolling cart. I’ll probably just grab a “Steel Service Cart” from HF.  That way I can put my propane tank on the bottom shelf and just wheel the whole thing out as a unit.

Here’s my question...

Do I need to put something extra on the top shelf to protect or insulate it? 

I keep thinking I need to put something under the forge across the top of the cart. I have this vision of hot or molten things falling out of the forge, dripping down to my propane tank, and causing an explosion that somehow destroys the entire Northwestern US. But, my own mental issues aside... Is it a good idea to put something on there? Maybe just to make it a little more sturdy?  I was thinking maybe some cheap fire brick but, even the crappy 1/2 cut stuff would cost about $80. 

I don’t think plywood is a good idea. I was thinking maybe some cement backer board? Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Ditto backer board, works a treat.

I do recommend you NOT operate your forge with the propane tank on a shelf underneath on the same cart! Any fire inspector will throw a screaming hissy fit if they see it. Your insurance company won't cover any fire if you have that set up, even if the fire was started by something unrelated on the far side of the place. Consider how much fun it'd be shutting the valve off if, say, a broken/cut hose were burning IN the cart with the tank. Hmmmm? 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I am not being sarcastic when I say I appreciate the concern for safety expressed by Frosty & Mikey98118. I think that mentioning these things might actually save lives. 

In my case, I figured running it with the propane under the forge was a bad idea but now you have me worried about how I’m storing propane cans. 

Why can’t I store a propane can on the cart  when I’m not using it? My usual practice is to shut down the forge, disconnect the hoses, let everything cool down, and then put it away in the garage (which is immediately under my daughters’ bedroom). The propane cans aren’t on a cart with the forge now but they’re next to it. Am I doing it wrong?

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On 3/7/2020 at 1:09 PM, Frosty said:

Consider how much fun it'd be shutting the valve off if, say, a broken/cut hose were burning IN the cart with the tank.

Exactly what I ended up doing when the cheap propane regulator failed on my CharBroil gas grille, except behind the double doors in the cabinet below the grille.  And that is the standard construction for such grilles, commercially available just about everywhere.  Fortunately I had an old long asbestos glove from my early glassblowing days and was able to get to the main shutoff valve.  Tried to douse it with water first, but that didn't even slow things down.  

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