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Tong repair


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I have a pair of tongs that have a crack in the jaw. I was considering v'ing it a bit and brazing it.  I thought it would be smother and probably stronger than a stick, or wire weld. Is this the correct procedure? Thanks

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Good Morning, Beef

Brazing will work. You will never be able to change your mind and weld it another time with a Stick or Mig welder. If you notch the piece where the crack is and Gas weld or Mig-weld the area, you still have an open door. The brazing will wick and contaminate any other welding/repairing procedure. If you have a torch to Braze it with, you have a torch to Oxy/Acetylene weld it with. The short answer is, Yes, but....

Sometimes it is easier just to get the practice and Forge another rein. Learning lasts a life-time, the school of 'Hard Knocks' is a great teacher.



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