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Not sure what to make with these, knives, blades, what else?

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Friend gave me some stuff from the scrap bin in his shop, clearly someone tried to make a knife with one of the rasps and got scared by the grinder sparks :lol:
Do tools such as rasps tend to make better chisels or blades, or something else ? Not super interested in knife making but no idea how i would go about chisels without the proper swage parts


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I've made both a folded hawk and a big chopper with rasps. The hawk has held up well, and I use the chopper every day for cleaning underbrush and pruning. I beat the living daylights out of it all the time, from cutting holes in ice to cutting down trees. It's not heat-treated and it hasn't failed me yet.

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 08.56.38.png

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Machinist files are a higher grade of steel than rasps. As Nicholson's materials guy put it "Wood and hooves are not as hard as steel"

He said that treating the machinist files like W1 for heat treating would be a good path, as he would not give me the exact alloy they have used for the last 46 plus years he has been there.


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