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  1. All of this followed me home today! Also a few vice stands ill be putting the leg vice on finally, apparently there was a lot of blacksmithing stuff that had already been taken so i dug deep and most interested in the punches. rivet punches or eye punches anyone think?
  2. Think westpoint would be a bit far but i might have a friend who still lives out that way and visits occasionally. Could you please link to the others you know of, as stated in the OP, westyork seems a little pricey in general. Thank you
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, i asked in UK sub to no replies and the general metals sub looks just as empty.. Im looking for anyone in the UK who can recommend the better place(s) to buy known steels. I only place somewhat locally that sells any tool or HS steels is Cromwells, its great that i finally found somewhere after months of searching but the website is a bit chaotic, and i don't really know UK steel grades as most of it online is US grades, ie- 1095. I know of a few of the bigger names such a westyorksteel but it seems pricey even before considering postage across the count
  4. Have a chance to take a free, working, treadmill and have a bunch of mild bar and box section stacking up in the shop so i figure ill give building a grinder a go. Looking on google it seems there is one layout used much more than the others but im curious if that's just monkey see, monkey do, or if its generally a better layout . Im guessing 4 wheels are better than 3, does 5 make any difference? Rectangle, square, tall, long.. does the general shape of it change much? i'm not so worried about the size, 2x60 is much more readily available in the UK so will be a smaller build. If anyone has
  5. Thanks for the tips and pictures of the drifts, if you only had one, to make bottle openers, what would you pick, diameter wise ?
  6. Ill be honest, i keep getting them all confused, i did mean a drift, any closer to that finished shape than a punch ?
  7. Had a bit of a productive day in the shop but didn't get anything made, moved everything around to give myself some more room and put the anvil closer to the forge, cleaned up some hammers and started making a punch from a cold chisel, any tips on how to finish it from here ?
  8. I have just been watching videos of people forging hatchets, its partly why i started getting into smithing to make my own camp gear and tools. Will have to find a small block to use for the rest
  9. Friend gave me some stuff from the scrap bin in his shop, clearly someone tried to make a knife with one of the rasps and got scared by the grinder sparks Do tools such as rasps tend to make better chisels or blades, or something else ? Not super interested in knife making but no idea how i would go about chisels without the proper swage parts
  10. Absolute score there Thomas! As a new smith that you don't know let me introduce myself My friend who supplies me with mild as gots a lot of scrap from work called me over today, gave me some more bar but because he had a bunch of tools in the scrap bin again that someone brought at a carboot and decided they didn't want.
  11. Evening all, As per the title, what is your ideal work space size for, lets say roughly the amount of equipment you would take to do a show? I'm already feeling the restrictions of a 10' x 10' x 7.5' enclosed room and have a chance at up-scaling with a lean to so i can work outside and make space for machinery inside; lathe, band saw, etc By a stroke of luck or three I've been given an 8m x 6m x 10ft lean-to that some gentleman only recently build as long as i dismantle and remove it Monday/Tuesday. I figure i don't have the space to erect half of it at home but i have the room to
  12. Thanks! To be honest after seeing it im half temped to do the anvil itself too, would be give an excuse to clean up the edges a little while im there. Any idea if this marking could be something from the manufacture? Its a different letter set but its not the initials of the previous two owners, noticed it this morning... Along with the area of rust i missed =| "T . M"
  13. evening of hard work and it looks a world of difference!
  14. yup, made in England, i got a little excited as there is a Stourbridge near me but its not the place they where made and definitely, just waiting for someone to visit then ill be off to buy some wirey things to clean it up
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