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  1. Thank you @JHCC, appreciate knowing that!
  2. Its gonna take me a while of research to fully understand that, takes me a while on new things due to Aspergers but thank you for the detailed explanation. What is a good example of 38~ CFM in terms of a general appliance ? Large fan, open window, etc? I brought a new drill bit today and drilled 3 x 5 holes in the wall in place of an air brick and plan on checking what exactly it is i have in storage, might have actually been a power unit, not extraction.
  3. Thanks for the information and links.. Thankfully no attachments to worry about, its at the end of the garden along a large alleyway behind a supermarket. As it stands i can't afford to do anything fancy.. Or anything much at all right now. Ill keep an eye on the monitor and if needed ill get a fan to put on the floor. I remembered i have a "greenhouse" extraction unit and tubes somewhere in storage, can't remember if its specifically for heat or CO, but im running the light on an extension cable already so not sure about powering it
  4. I have read a bunch here, done some searches via google and found conflicting information on CO so i wanted to check so it can be a bit more specific to my work space. I'm a day or two from finishing a 10x10 cinder block shed as a work space and getting started with the forge, while I'm very versed in fire safety and use I've just started to consider ventilation for CO. The shed has a corrugated roof without the foam filler ridges so 1-2cm gaps all along the front and back, a 1/2" gap under the door and the top 2/5 of the door can open separate to keep animals out and one window pane still missing. I'm not to worried about the cold, the garden is fairy wind shielded and in the small space i have the forge will keep it warm. I plan on buying a monitor over the weekend and figuring that out but would like to not have it beep at me of course. Will the mentioned gaps and openings be enough once the last window is in or should i maybe put in slanted slats instead for a consistent, larger opening. Also is CO(2) heavier than oxygen? isn't it? many conflicting posts about that, Considering drilling some holes in a bottom block each side of the shed for vents if it is but would really rather not put my drill or my arm through that job and curious if i should put the monitor at knee height or just chuck it on the bench Thanks in advance for any advice and reading my rambling, im rather excited to start
  5. Hello IFL, My name is Liam and i am very new to the craft; full of theory-craft and lacking in practice so far but i want to make sure i'm ready to go when i go! Unfortunately there is nothing in the way of classes, smithing days-out, meets etc in the near by area so i have been learning what i have learned from the wonderful people over on a few (UK) blacksmithing/bladesmithing for begginers groups on social media but find myself coming here more and more lately for the information i need. I have a very all-or-nothing mind-set, blessing and curse, I can learn and progress in anything that interests me at an extreme rate but i can also over-think things at the same extreme. Spending on set up and obsessing over online markets for weeks for good deals because i'm a tight git or reading and learning and questioning for 18 hours straight and forget to eat so you will probably hear from me a lot over the coming months. So far i'm still to start forging anything as I've needed this or that and a place to work that i have been getting together in my own time while i learn from videos and advice over the last few months; In that time i've managed to get: 137kg / 302lb (according to a converter- 2 . 2 . 22) London pattern, nice and flat, no chinked edges, I can make out some marking on it that are the remnants of "WARRANTED" but not sure of the maker 3" leg vice in surprisingly good condition, all original part, no bend in the leg or welded parts Devil forge single burner, 20kg/40lb tank + all the tools i need, hammer, grips, a wrench etc and managed to keep it under £350 in total... so far... Tomorrow i will finish building my shed at the end of the garden and be ready for my first burn so watch this space! Looking foward to meet you all
  6. I registered just to say thank you for that correction and information Thomas Powers; i've read a half-dozen threads this evening that have said CO is heavier so pools on the ground and i really didn't want to drill holes into the shed walls. Sorry to jump on a thread but to stop another similar post, a question; Shed is 10x10 breeze block, door has a 1/2" gap at the bottom and i can open the top half of the door separately. Roof is corrugated sheets with no foam ridge filler things. Will that be sufficient or should i replace one of the small windows with angled pallet slats as another venting area?