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Increasing speed of 40 ton pneumatic press


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I have purchased a 40ton pneumatic shop press for my husband as a Christmas gift. He wishes to use this primarily for forging and knife making. I realize now I should have never made such a bold purchase without being properly informed about the types of presses as the one I purchased is a bearing press and the speed is very slow, too slow to use for forging. I’m trying to learn how to increase the speed in order to salvage my gift and make it usable for his needs.  I’m reading that perhaps replacing the cylinder with a smaller size or adding a control to the air lines could help? Yes, I’m the typical female and do not really know anything about this but I’m trying to help him make this work, any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


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I concur with the previous 2 responses. It just won't end well. I love my wife and she loves me. She doesn't buy me things for my blacksmith shop, and I don't buy her things for the kitchen. We both know specifically what we need for our respective shops and don't presume to know what is needed in the others. This eliminates the awkward " gee, just what I needed......." on Christmas morning. (Unless we provide specific lists to each other).


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My wife and I have a pact that we won't spend more than US$20 on something for the other spouse WITHOUT consulting with them first, thus avoiding blowing the budget on something that is not what the other is longing to have. The fact that you are looking for things for the other spouse is considered the evidence of ongoing love.

As our two crafts are very different, (mine is blacksmithing and Hers is spinning---a Steel-Wool couple) this has saved a lot of budgetorial angst over our 35+ years together. I have learned enough about her craft to be aware of when I should be calling her/sending pictures now and can triage things I run across.

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