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diy post anchors?

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going to start building in the coming week with a dirt floor or end grain floor to simplify construction. However I would like the post to rest 1/4" above the buried to ground cement buckets to reduce rot. I was thinking about bending some flat the width the of the post into a U. Any ideas? The anchors at the store are pricey.


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Figure out how many brackets you need, and what size material you want to use to make them. 

A jig will make it easy to  bend a couple of 90's or another type jig to bend the U shape. Hydraulics or a mechanical press will speed up the process.  Another jig to measure the location for the holes will outrun any ruler. 

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I made my own last year when I put an addition into the barn. I used the Simpson Strong-Tie LCB/CB style of anchor as a guide. If I remember right I used 1/8" plate at about 4' long each. I was using 6x6 post so the plate was either 4" or 5" wide, you would want to use 3" wide  for 4x4 post. I bent them into shape and them welded a piece of 1/4" in for the intermediate base.

I'm not really a fan of the concealed connectors that Charles mentioned, like the Simpson CPTZ style connectors. I feel the U style provide a lot more support.

Another thing to keep in mind, the manufactured connectors will be galvanized, the ones you make will not be. 

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