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  1. Hi! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I got three from a random surplus store
  2. Been super busy the last few months with non shop related stuff. But I have been working on some blades here and there. Hope everyone is doing well!
  3. I am so sorry Mike! I totally got caught up in my bubble. I will do it in the morning. But from what I can recall, I drilled the intake holes 4” from the flame end of the mix tube then made the cut for the jet to be a little past the start of the intake which would give room for tuning. Since most of the assembly is threaded together, tuning the distance of the jet is as easy as turning the coupling the hose barb is threaded into or the hose barb itself or both effectively adjusting the distance on such a small system. However they may be slight differences. Again, my apologies for not responding sooner
  4. Been making a bunch of grafting knives for the cactus group I’m a part of.
  5. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Pretty busy with all sorts. Anyone know what these are? I found them in a thrift . They had hundreds. Thinking of using it for an irrigation part.
  6. Grafting knives heat treated and ready to be handled. Going to use this staghorn skeleton for handles on the next projects. The wide knives are for “slab grafting” cacti, made from 3” wide bandsaw blades. Unrolled they are over 20’ long. 2 each. I did the break test and they are definitely hardenable!
  7. Nice catch, yes very important. I will measure tomorrow.
  8. Thanks. It is from a fancy toilet paper holder. The cacti growing group has requested a few grafting blades.
  9. Any one know if the body of this saw are hardenable? Don’t want to cut into unless I can use it. The working bit looks welded on, so that for sure is hard. But I’m more interested in the body.
  10. I’ve been growing and grafting cacti so I made a grafting blade.
  11. Great Idea. Funny, bookmarks are what I have been making lately
  12. Stoked. Christmas present. Hope y’all are good out there
  13. Another book mark. Made from 12” garden spikes/nails. Brass pins for inserts and 1/4” copper refridge tube for the eyelet
  14. Thanks for the input Mike, that is encouraging. I would be a happy camper if I could weld with such small equipment. As for the part I think it is a fitting of a shower/bath hose connection. I used it for another build awhile back and it worked but was not a very practical component as it did not allow for an easy connect at the end of the mix tube.
  15. https://youtu.be/uPm8ZLQ26xo here is slow motion of two of burner in a small forge. The mini keg is a gallonish the forge chamber is like half a gal. And gets very hot. It may just need a better forge design to get to welding. Maybe just a door. But it has been my main forge for most things and goes quite the distance. I have a large 2 burner 3/4” forge for the anything larger. EDM tubes are .015” ID you can find them on the “bay” under drawn brass tubes. Be sure to put the specified ID in the search Also, the 1/4” pipe nipple is 5”. I made a mistake in an earlier post about this burners tube being longer than that. The correct length is 5”. Well I thought it was slow mo
  16. Correct. I did not use the nozzle in the first photo. It was just to show number components. Dispensing needles can also be used, but I have found EDM tubes to be much more economical and easier to braze to the pig tip which almost fits into refrigeration tubes(1/4” copper tube) that can be purchased at most big box hardware stores. The couplings were bought in bulk on the “Bay” for a reasonable price. I must say that two of these burners are extremely fuel efficient for forging. Maybe one more will be needed for forge welding or I need to reconfigure my forge chamber. Bottom mounted burners in a D shaped forge are great at keeping the flame inside the forge longer to transfer its heat to the liner but the wide opening to my forge also let’s a lot of energy out. All in all, these burners are amazing on fuel savings. I think I may be able to forge weld with the two burners if I can keep the heat longer in a given space
  17. Made some gifts. I’m really enjoying setting pins and working with different materials. I just started experimenting stabilizing wood and bone.
  18. Made first scaled handle knife the other day. have’nt been on in awhile, I hope everyone is fairing alright.
  19. Taking apart cleaning and tuning the leather patcher. Maybe paint it. Also been reading some of the ventilation threads. With that said, I know there are some ventilation professionals here. Will these materials build a proper vent hood for a gas forge? Should the squirrel cage be used as positive pressure on the opposite side of the shop or should a extracting fan be installed in the vent duct? Thanks for any info. There will be a detector installed as well. The shop is 8’x16’ and 10’ tall with vents all along half the length of the ceiling above where the forge will be. There are windows on each length of the shop as well as a large one next to the double doors. Thanks for any info. I will continue to read the vent threads.
  20. Installed a two point latch on the shops door, made some shelving and mounted the 183lb forklift tine anvil to the stump over the last several days. the double door kit we got at the local online was incomplete with the middle where the doors meet missing. So I got some 1/8” x 6” x the height of the door to bridge the gap and act as a pry shield. I also forged a simple handle/lever for the latch mechanism. The anvil seems too close to the wall on one side but there is enough room for what I need. For now. I also practiced some more shapes and made keychains for friends.
  21. I took an avulsion fracture to the ankle back in a high school fight. The first Doc failed to see the injury. I walked around on it for almost a month before a foot specialist saw the xrays and had to go in for surgery. Power tools scare the heck out of me.
  22. shucks, thanks y’all. I have fun makin’em. How many of these do you think it would take to get to welding heat in an appropriately built forge. BTW, the two burners in the gallon sized forge go quite a ways on a bbq tank.
  23. Stainless couplings came today so I turned one into a nozzle. Also enlarged the intakes per Mike.
  24. Thank you Mike. Will do. I read somewhere here that wider openings dump more air into the system than longer openings. Any thoughts on nozzle types for this small a burner? I would like to try and keep it as fast as possible. 316 Stainless couplings for nozzles are in the mail. Sorry the post is all over the place. I posted with my phone.
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