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What are your thoughts, safe to forge or not?

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I found this piece of metal at the scrapyard a few months ago and I'm not sure what it is. I'm thinking it's a shaft off of a tractor but not sure.

What do you guys think it is and more important is do you think it's safe to forge or should I throw it out of my metal bucket.

I cleaned it up with a grinder a little so you could get a better look.


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Without being able to look at in hand I can NOT say it's safe. However what I can see says probably okay. 

The groove at the top is for a spring clip retaining ring. The groove in the middle looks to be wear but might be a machined keyway. These say it's a retaining pin from a piece of equipment like a back hoe bucket. 

IF that is what it is it's probably 4140 or similar medium carbon steel and if it's not plated it'd be good for things like" fuller, hardy or other bottom tools, top cut or other top tools. If it's large enough in diameter it could make good hammers.

All the above only applies if it's NOT PLATED: forge temperature Chrome is a serious health hazard look it up. Forge temp or ground dust Cadmium is extremely toxic, one of the worst types of heavy metal to get in your system. 

Never, NEVER put plated metal in the forge or put a torch to it! :angry: I WILL say unkind things to and about you if you do!

Frosty The Lucky.

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