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S7 heat treating

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Hi all, I'm planning on using some S7 soon to make some awls for leather working. The steel will be 0.500 in at the widest point, my understanding with this thickness of S7 it needs to be air quenched. 

I've worked with A2 and A6 using a fan to "force" room air into a stainless steel box for quenching with good results.

My questions are;

Has anyone used this alloy before? If so anything I should expect?

And would my setup for air quenching work with S7?

I've searched the forum and go no results.


Thanks in advance!

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S7 is a shock-resistant steel. Are you going to be hammering your awls so hard that this is going to be an issue?

I would suggest something lower alloy and thus less finicky, like a plain carbon steel (say, 1080) or spring steel (5160-ish), both of which would also be appropriate for leather punches and other tooling.

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I agree that S7 is way overkill for leather awls, but if you want S7 awls, more power to ya. 

I made a hot slit chisel out of a 3/4" S7 round. I air hardened by just setting it aside from critical temp. No fans or special airflow setup, just simple air cooling. I tempered it to bronze on the cutting edge and purple on the striking end. 

It has held up beautifully to a lot of use with no chipping and no deforming. 



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I agree it may be overkill, though I have made awls from 1085 and 02. They work just fine though I have had some people complain the tips have broken off, they come to a very fine point. I figure a shock resistant steel may alleviate this issue. I will post a picture of one this evening. Cavpilot2k, thank you for the info, also nice chisel.



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