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Good Book?

Chris C

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I've mentioned previously that I've been making wood carving knives for the local carving community.  But my reason for building the forge and searching for a "proper" anvil is because I want to venture into the larger of the relatives.............."full-sized" knives. :D  I know there are lots of books on the subject of knife making, but today I ordered "The Wonder of Knifemaking" by Wayne Goddard.  Several people have recommended it as a pretty good and understandable book for the newly inspired knife maker.  I'm sure some of you either have it or have read it.  Anyone care to comment on it's contents sort of as a mini-review?


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I'm not very familiar with Wayne Goddards book. I have leafed through it and it seems like a decent book and as you said Fairly easy to understand. Steve Sells and Jim Hrisoulas both have written exceptional books on bladesmithing. They are both members here. A pm to both of them would be my suggestion as to where to obtain a copy of their respective books.


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Well, we lost electricity at 8:30 Monday night due to 89mph winds that took down trees, removed entire tree tops and basically made our property look like a tornado had hit us!  (had to chainsaw my way to the road just to look at neighborhood damage) Just got the electricity back on at noon today, so had a lot of hours to do nothing but sit and read.  Filthy dirty from pouring a 600# step on Monday and no bath because we are on a well, so didn't go into town on Tues. We are total electric, so basically were living in the "middle ages".   Nothing to do but read..........and finish Goddard's book.  I won't deny I picked up some things, and probably will force myself to go back and read it again because I'm notorious for skimming over and missing things.  But in general, I found it to be a rather lackluster read.  I've started on Jim Hrisoulas's The Complete Bladesmith and already find it to be much more readable..........at least for me.

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