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Tools need propper safety information


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A both funny and useful reminder, it is not the new machine that tends to hurt users. It is the one they run everyday and no longer receives the respect and attention it once received. Their comfort level builds complacency then they get injuries. I am a Technology teacher and can tell you I have been seconds away from separating my thumb from my hand while gang ripping materials for classes. After all morning standing behind the table saw, I start looking at the next piece I am going to grab or how close to completed the job is, then I look down and realize my thumb is inline with the blade and only fractions of an inch from no longer being my thumb. I have come this close twice over 17 years let's hope the last time will keep it fresh in my memory. I like having all ten fingers, and it would really mess up my math skills.


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As my Father used to say till I wanted to shout, "Familiarity breeds contempt."

We've had an unusual number of light plane wrecks this year many involving fatalities, one BAD weekend saw 3 fatal crashes in 2 days and something like  15 dead.

I couldn't find the statistics regarding pilot flight hours but you almost never hear about a pilot crashing with under 100 hrs. Most seem to have around 500-1,000 hrs. Newly soloed and licensed pilots are super diligent but tend to relax after a couple hundred hours. Then you start seeing mistakes. 

I have to really watch myself when I'm angry, I distract myself when I should be paying attention. I manage to keep myself away from power tools, I'm learning.

Frosty The Lucky.

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