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Homestead Wagon Parts


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need help establishing value of wagon parts from an old homestead wagon Great Grandparents used to travel to SD when they homesteaded.  

What I have found so far is $200 for hubs, $200 for iron wheel casings- please advise if in the ballpark. The tongue and rest of the wagon has been elusive to find and would like to have a package price to list.

My brother wants to sell so if you could help us out that would be great!

Thank you so much.  

Marcia Williams





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Well I buy stuff in that condition for US 20 cents a pound at my local scrapyard.  They are more like decorative objects than using parts.

I have a stack of knaves, hub bands and around 20 tyres bought that way, generally for the wrought iron, the cast knaves were for a form to shape a piece for a project.---that and I can't bear to see that sort of thing go to a steel recycler.

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  • That's it exactly- we were thinking that someone could use for decor in a barn or big house or rebuild a wagon with this as a model.  Thank you for getting back with me - that helps.  There is also a bunch of horse drawn equipment - most like it was when quit using it although its been in the weather.
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I don't get where those prices you tossed out are coming from.  Around here, you can't give that stuff away in the kind of condition you are showing.  Just about every farm has similar rotting away somewhere.  Maybe in your area there are more restorations going on.  Steel wheels as decoration go from about $ 25 to about $ 100 depending on a lot of factors but the rest of the parts are pretty much worthless in this region (inland PNW).  Restorers can easily find better carcasses to start with.

That being said, the wood hubs similar to those shown in the first photo are sometimes turned into hanging lamps.  Spokes are pulled to leave open tenons, wood and bands stabilized, and a bulb socket inserted.  

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You mean to tell me that there are practicing smiths in South Darfur?

Ms. Darfurian welcome to 'I. Forge Iron'.

Sorry but my Arabic is somewhat rusty.  (actually non-existent).


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No one can say you guys don't have a sense of humor!  

Trying to help my brother sell this homestead wagon. Looking for value suggestions.

Wagon tongue is iron and someone said they pay 20 cents a pound at the salvage for that!

Thanks for welcoming me to the group! Ok will check out suggestions- thanks.


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Location is a huge factor in value. I agree, that in the condition it is in it won't be worth that much. There was a stagecoach listed near me recently for $3,500 and it was in usable condition, and a lot more collectible.  I have picked up horse drawn plows and scrapers for $30.

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