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I Forge Iron

Balkan Celts

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Spear with a ball, length 54.5 cm, width 3.5 cm, hole 2 cm, weight 410 grams. Knife, length 41.5 cm, width 4 cm, weight 320 gram. Javelin, length 19 cm, width 2.5 cm, hole 1.8 cm, weight 110 grams. Ax, profiled, eight-wall, 16 cm long, blade width 4 cm, hole 2.5 cmX 3.5 cm, weight 390 grams.

Everything is forged by hand, with a hammer.
Zero power hammer, zero electric welding!





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Thanks Frosty!

These knives were used in the period of La Tene, mainly in the Eastern Celts, although they are also found in Germany.
In many books they are described as "ritual knives for cutting meat" ..... I strongly disagree with that!
The way the handpiece is made proves it!
The handles are very short and have two balls, they are adapted to hold them in two fingers and ask for cut punches, from above in a large or opposite way.
To cut the meat you need a much better grip, with all your hand !!

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8 hours ago, Ibor said:

and ask for cut punches,

I'm not sure what you mean by that Ibor. Do you mean stabbing? Punch the blade in lengthwise? 

I can't imagine a practical way to use a 41.5cm. knife with a handle like that. BUT if the curved piece fit in your palm and the blade extended between your fingers it might make a good "punch dagger."

A modern punch dagger typically has a T handle and a double edged blade.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'm imagining the "U" of the handle resting in the palm, with two fingers around the narrow portion -- think of making the Spiderman gesture -- leaving the thumb and index finger for making a pinch grip on the blade. I wonder if this would lend itself  to long push or pull cuts for slicing large pieces of meat

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