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Recommended Press Die Metal?


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Since this is separated from your press thread and not linked to it. You need to list all the using parameters; for instance:  will it be used to do 1 million impressions a year in a 1000 ton press with the dies preheated to 1000 deg F? Or light duty in a small press and you are trying to economize on materials? If you don't tell us; you at least have to take off the Aluminium foil hat so we can try to read your mind...

BTAIM  H13 is nce as is D2 (D as in die!)  Do you have facilities to machine and heat treat high alloy steels?

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TY Thomas, yes I have access to a machine shop, and a heat treating co. 

These dies are for a hydraulic forging press rated at 24 tons. They will be used to form, flatten, and shape hot carbon steel. The run time of the press will be approximately 8-20 hours per week.

Dont mind paying for quality material. IMO it is cheaper in the long run.

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See how this info focuses the original question so that good answers can be made?

I still like H13 for them.  (Have you searched on Hot Work Tool Steels any?)

I agree for long runs the better steels pay for their upfront cost as well as machining and heat treat with longevity.

Me, I'm working on a set of dies for my screw press from stoneworkers bush hammers. I probably want to use well worn ones and the ones I keep finding are "fresh".

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On mine Peppie i used a shaft off a shear tooth from a continuous miner and a i cut the web off a railroad track and flattened the track on my belt sander to make combo dies i wish i had access to a good machine shop that did little jobs for a half decent price.I'm lookin at gettin a small mill for doin my own little machining jobs.

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Thanks for the info Gents. I'm still building my small press . I was trying to figure out what to use for my flattening die . I have some 1.5 X 1.5 mild steel bar I think I will use , it's not going to get used to much being this is just a retirement hobby to keep busy not a business, so that should work fine. Plus it's only a 30 ton hydraulic to flatten hot metal " trying to save my shoulder replacement a little wear and tear" ;) . You all have a safe and happy new year !


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