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Giving up trying to find a SH Anvil..

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A guy on youtube named Glen goes by GS Tongs has two anvils he made out of just big square pieces of steel, had a local shop put a hardy in them. They seem like real nice anvils. He lives in Taiwan or something like that though. He has a video talking about them.

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I own one of the 4 that he made.

I am quite happy with the performance.

If it were my time, and I wanted a London or German pattern anvil,  I think I would buy a cast steel anvil new. 

The exception being, if you want a custom size, shape or otherwise can't get a commercial casting it does work. 

The finish was done with an angle grinder freehand. If you try this, I suggest finding a surface grinder to put the final flat on it.

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Anvils are far easier to find in the UK than here in the States, and a lot less expensive. Robin Sharples Waterfoot has a whole yard full of anvils up to 700#= that he has been buying up and shipping abroad by the pallet load. You can find him on the anvils Facebook page. He has anvils, swage blocks,and post vises up for sale currently.

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