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  1. shrike

    It followed me home

    2500lb of a36, in 3 pieces. One is 2.5"x9"x20'. Our "local" surplus auction.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll keep the hammer weight down. I have lots of steel for the anvil, but I think that's a *good* thing.
  3. I'm working from Clay Spencer's tire hammer plans, but am considering a larger hammer and anvil. The Anvil is easy, more is better, demensions don't change much. The feedback I've gotten from Clay is that he thinks 65lbs will work without change and that 90lbs won't. Has anyone got first hand experience increasing the hammer / Tup weight? What did you have to change to make it work well?
  4. I'm starting a tire hammer build. Torbjörn åhman shows what he named an abno power hammer, where the top die slips inside a socket in the tup, and the force looks like it is transferred via the collar of the die. I think this is similar to some folks' flypress tooling as well. I can't think why this is a better system than bolt on, but it seems so elegant I'm drawn to it. Thoughts?
  5. shrike

    Seattle Scrap Metal Anvil

    Ehli auctions in Tacoma has some steel right now. They have a lovely piece that's about 1500lbs but moving it will be a chore, and on a weekday. It's lot 401 on the month end auction.
  6. shrike

    Ribbon Burner Backfire Question

    Alternately, has anyone built a forget with two smaller burners, two gas valves, and probably can share the fan. Run them both for welding, and just one for heat treat, etc.? Or, change the fan valve to divert to a cooling jacket around the plenum?