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Help identify this horseshoe?

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I concur with George. Tho because of the way breakover wears a shoe the toe caulk is likely worn down. Bar shoes are a theropudic shoe. Thus one suspects the horse had some minor lameness issue the shoe was intended to mediate. Could we get a shot of the shoe from the heals and side in plane so we can see the profile?

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On 2/26/2019 at 3:59 PM, ThomasPowers said:

Possibly wrought iron?

Yes sir, definitely.

When horses were sharp shod in that manner the heels were oftentimes turned perpendicular to each other as they are in an attempt to protect a horse from injuring himself if he stepped on his opposite foot.

Crosswise like a race plate sticker would be on the lateral or outside. Inline or parallel would be on the medial or inside.


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I believe it started out as a Phoenix brand hot pattern shoe with the bar jump welded.. Phoenix had fuller VERY close to the outside edge but they were well slanted for good nailing. They shut down in early sixties after a LONG run. Some employees started MultiProducts shoes in Japan and broke Phoenix. Real shoers loved the Phoenix because of the huge assortment of weight and styles of shoes. I bought all the old stock I could for special jobs..

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