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Ultra Heavy Duty Vise Stand

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Here is another project that I finished not too long ago but had not had time to share. It is a vise stand with a removable swinging tool tray, and on the tool tray are several removable tool holders and vice spacer set. The base is constructed from 4' of 1" thick steel that was cut through it's midpoint beveled and welded to form the 90 degree base, (which stays out from under foot). The pipe is 6" schedule 40 which I filled with sand that was poured through the tapped bolt holes through the 3/4" plate that the vise mounts to. The tool tray can swing to either side or can be removed if it gets in the way. It's not easy to move, (weighing in at somewhere around 300 lbs including the vise) but it doesn't move a millimeter even when your wailing on it sideways!









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we have some with a tool stand simular to this at the shop where my classes are, but none are so rigid as yours is, and also like the idea that you can pivot your tool stand.
I'm gonna build my vise stand this weekend, do mind if i use your design for imput? ;-D

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Thanks all!

Help yourselves to any of the design ideas you like...to me that's the point of posting the pictures. The pivoting tool tray is extremely helpful, and I think would be a nice addition to any work stand, and one of my favorite things is with the vise connected to the point of the base you can move around the front and sides of the vise without tripping over it.

racer3j, 33 and counting to be exact ;)

Thomas, I'll put it in iron in the hat for the next meeting if you'll throw in that 500 pound fisher...but the winners will have to load them themselves!

Pault17, the lack of mobility is exactly what I was looking for. My shop is relatively small so if I do ever have to move it its only a few feet, so I figured it was better to have it stay put during heavy use than be really easy to move. It is light enough, though, that 2 determined People can load it into a truck to take it to demos or conferences.

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