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Just showing off something (picture heavy)


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Hey there! Hunted a bit for a proper place but couldn't find one, so I'll make a post here. This isn't my own work, but that of my grandpa. He made this piece years ago and I aspire to someday reach his level of skill and knowledge. He did everything, including the glasswork and wiring! These aren't the best of pictures truthfully but I took then after o had gotten off work. I plan to latter take some during the daytime and hopefully they come out better :)






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That's a beautiful lamp Gools.

If I were you, I'd get on the phone and talk to your grampa about everything you can think of to ask him about blacksmithing. You could learn a lot, and I think he'd love to share his knowledge and experience with someone who's genuinely interested in learning, especially his own grandson.

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That is a beautiful piece of work. Thanks for including the close-up photos of some of the details. It looks like he may have used angle iron for the individual scroll parts where they meet up with the main frame and with the S-hook scrolls. Definitely one for the inspiration folder.

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