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Made this for our local "Kids Vacation Work" (think summercamp) for which I volunteer. We work with a theme each for decoration and story purposes. Guess what the theme was this year...


Anyway lots of first in this project, 
First time working with Sheetmetal
First time time making an animal head
First time making a bbq
First time making part of it detachable 
and first time working with a hard deadline. 264275621_resize1.thumb.jpg.fabe718881cabcf6f532bf2ecf8c897e.jpg244350435_resize3.thumb.jpg.b9ffe2755226190f6ac74a1a1c628336.jpg1769687469_resize2.thumb.jpg.6a122620ef53ba511594e9d160370713.jpg



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Well she isn’t watertight so floating is out of the picture.

And for anyone trying to make their own don’t try to use an old oildrum as cheap sheet metal, it really doesn’t like to be welded.




bon appepit


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Yeah, a lot depends on your welder, I have a Hobart 120 Handler from probably 30+ years ago and it loves welding sheet steel like drums. That and autobody's is what it was designed for so it's really so-so on larger than 1/4" round.

I REALLY like the last pic, makes me imagine the captain yelling out, "ALL HAMS ON DECK!!"

Please show us more of your projects.

Frosty The Lucky.

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