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  1. Well Daswulf, Only thing I know it that had been laying in a basement “broken” for the last 40 years before my dad traded his colleague (both welders/fabricators) a case of beer for it. Turned out that the tenon (pictured in your closeup) was missing and he didn’t know how to fix it. And Lyanne, if I were your grandpa I would be happy to know that my tools would be put to good use by the next generation.
  2. Well, all the post vises I ever saw where these two that I now own, So I can't say much about its relative local scarcity. I will take a close-up to make sure that there isn't an translation error sneaking in somewhere.
  3. Thanks for the advice, but somethings aren't clearly shown on the picture. The Mortis and tenon do still work, the spring has been (re)welded just below it while the vise was shut (judging from its position). I don't know the quality of the weld and I already have found some springsteel that is the same thickness and almost the same width (laying on the trunk in the photo).
  4. Got a 330 lb anvil (forged but unidentified) with the stump pictured in the back. a 4.5” legvise in need of some new spring (somebody welded it on and now it doesn’t function). Vise is not made for hammering on anyway. And an old hand powered grindstone that could use some revision as well. All in all a nice little haul for €100.
  5. Cover the receiver in your headset in tinfoil (I used aluminum tape) and leave an opening pointing towards your player. I keep my phone in my pocket so it was straight down in my case. Doesn’t solve everything but helps alot. be prepared however because the amount of tinfoil headset jokes in your future will be numerous.
  6. Tried a different design last night starting with a piece of pipe.
  7. Koek


    Well she isn’t watertight so floating is out of the picture. And for anyone trying to make their own don’t try to use an old oildrum as cheap sheet metal, it really doesn’t like to be welded. bon appepit
  8. Koek


    Made this for our local "Kids Vacation Work" (think summercamp) for which I volunteer. We work with a theme each for decoration and story purposes. Guess what the theme was this year... Anyway lots of first in this project, First time working with Sheetmetal First time time making an animal head First time making a bbq First time making part of it detachable and first time working with a hard deadline.
  9. Got the beginning of some tongs torched out, and shown some love with a grinder. (10 pieces of each size) (To quote my dad:”well, we made a functioning pair each. Time to speed up the process”)
  10. example of a simple one. (10mm round stock) Heated with a torch, flattened on a vice and bend on a pice of pipe/tube, didn’t really considered forged at the time.
  11. Cherryred quench in oil and afterwards holding it in the fire till blue.
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