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Should I Buy And Anvil Or Blower?

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First I would like to thank everyone that responded to my question (BUYING FIRST ANVIL) about the 2 anvils I was considering buying. All very informative , even the so called long winded ones. From what I read the second, blue anvil with the "M" on it sounds pretty safe to go with but now I have another dilemma. I found a guy online who is selling two old blowers for $225. I called him and he said they both work although one clicks a little. I've read the shoulds and should nots of buying a blower and restoring a blower on http://www.beautifuliron.com (great site by the way) so I think I could fix any problems. He also said I could buy one blower if I wanted but I was considering buying both, fixing one up and reselling. Thoughts? I'm trying to spread some birthday money out and buy as much as I can but should I go with the anvil or blower? Also is that a good price for two blowers that appear to be in good condition. I'm going to look at them this weekend.


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anvil all the way ... blowers are available and a lot cheaper than anvils... ive got a champion 400 that ime restoreing (bearings dead) that was given to me ... ask around your local area and friends /relatives you will be suprised sometimes...

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Don't beat around the bush. Should I buy the anvil or the blower?..........just kidding. Seems the consensus is to go with the anvil. Donnie, what are some specifics of your blower? Maker, age, history, does a stand come with it? I know where Royston is so I could easily make a road trip to pick it up. I went to school with a friend from Franklin Springs. Do you know Randall Brown? Thanks again for everyone's response and look forward to more questions as I enter the world of blacksmithing.

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Hey, that blower on the right in the first picture is exactly identical to my first blower. I had to fix mine up some, but it works great. I would try to buy one blower and the anvil, but if you can only get one, go with the anvil. Also, if you plan on doing any demonstrations, get a smaller blower. That blower weighs about 80 lbs. and is a pain to carry around.

The kidsmith,
Dave Custer

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The honest and true fact about anvils, despite all the talk and hype about them is this- they are NOT so easy to come by these days.
If you have an opportunity to aquire a "real" anvil, then I suggest you act on it while it is available if it is within your means.
All those into smithing who are using a bit of RR track or some other odd piece of heavy metal are keeping an eye out for a "real" anvil all the while.
Don't be so picky about chips, worn edges, etc.
If you have the chance to aquire one, then do so if you can afford it. You can't go to Wal-Mart and grab one off the shelf.
Air is a different story, no rare antique required here, just figure out a way to move air- that you CAN do at home from scratch. Dan:)

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