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TKOR burner issues

Hayden Kennedy

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Hi guys and gals,


Now I'm really sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search but didn't find anything that helped.

I've made a forge burner, following The king of Randoms design to a T, except for a male to female reducer on the gas input side of the piping,

The video with the talking is the first video i took where it was sort of working, now of the videos I've seen of burners they all make a jet like sound,

which mine does not and it takes 15 mins to heat most of the forge to glowing but inserting a bit or round bar and after another 15 mins its still only a dull red,

I'm not sure that this is working properly, correct me if I wrong, please.

And the other video is one I took not 30 mins ago, and it's all sorts of weird going on, the gas tank feels about half full and the 20 psi regulator I have is turned up all the way,

and no before anybody asks I don't have any dials to tell me what pressure I'm running on, sorry that's not intended to be snarky.


If its any relevant I have a MIG welding tip with a 0.6 hole in it, maybe I should look at getting a smaller tip?


Thank you all.

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Hallo Hayden,

Welcome to IFI. Even I’m not the burner specialist like Frosty and Mickey you will find in the Burner 101 section I advise to read this

What comes up to my mind when I see the vid's is following,

-a very nice forge with good lining and proportions

-a huge air intake without chock or possibility to adjust the added (sucked in) air

-a very abrupt (sharp) reduction to the burner lance from a very huge to a very small diameter (no soft swirling and possibility to create a good gas-oxygen mixture)

-it like’s that the burner lance is welded through your forge body with no possibility to adjust

-I notice also a very close mounted rubber hose to the ‘chimney’ ones the burner shot down and the heat crawls up

Maybe it is necessary to rethink your burner design by follow the right proportions, changing some components and the set up to the forge.

Cheers, Hans

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yes hayden you have a burner that does not work designed by someone who does not care if people get hurt, it would be better to build a burner of a proven design that does not include the faults listed in the previous post

if TKOR knew anything about gas forges he would not have included those faults

how have you lined your forge?

I hope you have not left exposed ceramic fibers in there as they are very bad for your lungs a bit like asbestos, it needs coating before it gets hot for the first time

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Actually, that doesn't conform to the King of Random's burner. My problem with his burner was how sloppily he built it; not with its design. You have built yours just as sloppily, but did NOT follow his design. Your air entrance is all wrong; it is pointless in that configuration. It is fortunate for you that it is, because that brass mixing tube would melt if the burner worked well at all. Trying to "wing it" with burner construction without the slightest idea why we build burners the way we do is ridiculous!

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Welcome aboard Hayden, glad to have you. Please NO MORE videos! Still pics are much more useful. I don't even open videos anymore.

You have to FOLLOW the plans or be ready to build many failed devices before you get one that works. I'd make specific points but I didn't and won't look at the video. 

Ditto Mike's opinion of the king of ranDumB. Pick a set of plans and FOLLOW THEM, we can't help you otherwise.  We wouldn't be here sharing our years of experimenting and experience building these things if we didn't like helping folks but if you're just going to wing it you're on your own. 

However, Mike and I comment often on how guys just winging it occasionally come up with something that works better than the way we do it. That's why if you look at my first burner it only bears a passing resemblance to the ones I use now.

We're not blowing you off, we want you to succeed. I'd send you to a sticky but those need serious reorganizing. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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There are all kinds of working burner designs that have been around for years, and a few new ones too. There are also explanations given in the Burners 101 thread about how burners work and what you can or can't get away with when "doing it your way." Either path works.

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What pressure are you supplying?

The first video seems to show the flame burning back up the burner tube (briefly). This suggests the pressure is way too low. Are you trying to use it with a low-pressure regulator (37 mbar for Propane over here, may be slightly different down there)? You'll need an adjustable high-pressure regulator that gives 0-2 bar (0-30 PSI) or a bit more. I tend to use 0-4 bar (0-60 PSI) regulators,


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