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I seem to remember someone on here say that they made a TIG welder from a microwave oven. I would like this person to reply back or PM me because I would like to know how they did it and want to know if they would please tell me where they got the plans from or if they would send me the plans. I would LOVE to build one. Looking forward to the reply(s) please and thank you.


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Also try searching on google, there is lots of info out there on home made welders, mostly arc but there is also tig and spot welders of a lot of different designs, there is a lot of info on making a arc welder out of an altinator.


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Unless you are looking for a relatively complex project that may get pricier than buying a welder ten just buy one. You can TIG weld off of any DC arc welder for steel and SS. You can even do so with aluminum but it is a bit trickier. A basic DC buzz box will run you between free and $100, figure another $100 for the torch. another $100 for the bottle of straight argon, $50 for a regulator and you are in business. With the microwave welder you still need to buy the torch, gas, and regulator, so in my opinion it is cheaper to buy than build. If you need high freq keep an eye on e-bay for a dayton, or miller unit as they pop up regularly.

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Hi Hillbillysmith. It's me. Search for "homemade microwave welder" and select the thread titled "copper bracelet".

As Awalker said, it is better to buy the arc welder used than to try to modify the microwave oven. In another post, I went over the difficulties of the modification. As for cost, this can be pretty cheap. And, the chance of getting zapped is small. The main hazard is loss of isolation on the secondary side. This is especially likely if you follow the plans available from the Internet which suggest that you use THHN house wire to wind the secondary. And, you will not get zapped, since the voltage is low, but you will smell that funny smell.

I would not recommend it unless you have a lot of time on your hands. I gave a presentation to a Make group and was invited to set up a booth at the Maker Faire, but I was busy that weekend. There is a pic in the post I referenced above.

Recently, I got an idea to make a new kind of homemade welder. Do you know what polarity to run SAW (submerged arc welding).

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Thank you for replying evfreek. Would you we willing to send me the plans? Or did you know what to do? If you have plans and will send them to me, please PM me and I will give you my E-mail. BTW, I don't know what polarity SAW is ran on but I will reference this tomorrow and will let you know. If I remember correctly, it's straight polarity (DC-). But like I said, I will reference this and confirm tomorrow.

Thank you,

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OK, Glenn, got your latest request. Turn the presentation into text, and attach pictures. Following is the text conversion of a slide presentation inline. This was tedious to create, since copy and paste only works on each element individually (heading, bulleted list or text object). Thus, about a dozen copy and paste operations are required to generate a text file. The text file is itself annotated, so the reader will know where to insert page breaks and pictures. There's gotta be a better way to do this.

Homemade Welder

Lots of homemade welder plans on the Internet
Problems: high raw material cost, low performance
Sourcing materials is difficult
Try low power as a start

Microwave Oven Source

Highest value item: transformer with primary/current limiting
Still need diodes, choke
Lots of rewinding required


Hard to get enough power
Current-voltage trade-off
Tough to use as a stick welder: either difficult to strike or not enough power
Try using as a TIG welder (no lower power limitations)




More to Do

Better ways to wind for high current
Foot pedal
Dress up

1) this document is a text representation of a slideshow, often referred to as a Powerpoint presentation
2) double space indicates heading, triple space indicates new slide
3) filenames refer to files to be inserted at the location




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