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Portland Quest - Maine edition: Is There Any Anvil Out There?

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Hey anyone!
I'm trekking up north to Portland, Maine in a week (6/19-25) and I'd really like to find some other blacksmiths and crafters to meet and hang around with!
Also, like most I'm sure, I'm on the hunt for any tongs, hammers, or punches I can get my hands on. In an ideal world I'd really like to be driving back home with a small anvil as well.

If anyone has any interest, leads, or ideas, I'd really appreciate them :)


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Oh hah, yeah, specificity slip.

I’m trying to find something in the 50-100# range. I have a small work area and have to move everything around often.

I have a nice (it’s painted red so it works faster) little 1# anvil I have nailed into my bench I actually use pretty often for little copper bits

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Update: Liberty Tool is quite the place, although currently a bit short on blacksmithing tools. The lady behind the counter said that they've been seeing a lot of movement on tools like that; I'm guessing this is more of the Forged in Fire effect. No anvils at the moment (some expected in a week or two), although there was at least one post vise. Lots of files, punches, a few hammers (not many), a couple of sledgehammers, etc. No tongs. Reasonable prices: I picked up a nice adjustable-angle drill press vise for $21. Wish I'd had more time to explore in detail, but they were only half an hour from closing when I arrived.

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